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Denied WH1TEN3RD Staff Abuse. (Not A Staff Member)

Discussion in 'Closed Mute Appeals' started by Cooper, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Your Username:

    What server were you were muted on:

    When were you muted:
    9:21 PM 6/9

    Why were you muted:
    I Was muted for, "Dissing staff" when me and this 5-year-old troll was arguing with me, WH1TEN3RD told me to shut up, and I told him he was not staff, (He has resigned, but still has the rank) He muted me for 1 day. This is an abuse of powers of someone who is not even a staff member.
    Who muted you (If known):

    Why should we unmute you:

    I did nothing wrong but exercise my rights.

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  2. Mute is sticking, logged into a alt and told me to KMS. Should be banned, but will let slide.
  3. Matt wont let him resign
    therefore; he is still technically a staff member.
    We tried to explain that to you, but seems you didn't want to listen.
  4. Okay first of all,
    Sheltierok, Go Away, you are starting fights for no reason. I don't care what happened to you today if you're going to take it out on me and complain about it to me on Skype an hour later.

    Second, of all, that's not my "Alt" it's my friend's computer. I don't curse, and my "alt" did curse. If you are going to abuse your powers, please, just leave. You have no right to destroy my happy place. This is the once place on earth where I'm not treated like garbage, and you ruined it. So thanks, thanks for ruining the one last place on earth where I felt like I could have fun and relax. I thought you weren't a bully, but I guess I was wrong. A good staff member wouldn't favor their friends and take out their anger on others. Shame on you. I called you a regular player for a reason. You should be one. you claim you can "Run this server" if Matt wasn't so, and I quote, " a Piece of S***" but it seems like you can't. So once again, yeah. Thanks for ruining the last good place for me.
  5. Wow. That was actually so childish. I applaud you, you've reached new levels of that.

    I won't ever go away, its not like you can make me nor get rid of me anyway. It's just not happening, sorry kiddo.

    If you have a problem with Thomas and how he behaves as staff, maybe you should leave instead. People love Thomas, and if it's mostly just you who sees him as a problem, then he's not the one who needs to change. It's you.
    A good staff member resolves problems, and that's exactly what he did. Shame on you, for playing the guilt card about your "Happy Place". Anyone who loves the server truly would stick with it through thick and thin, regardless of its good times and bad times, regardless of how bad the people get and even when it seems like it's falling apart; someone who REALLY loves it there will always come back, sorry if that isn't you.

    Thomas can run the server, Matt has his flaws, and once again, yeah. Thanks for showing me new levels of childish.

    Oh, and if you have a problem with the way I act and still insist on coming back; then you'll honestly just have to deal with it. This is who I am, people deal with you, and you have to deal with me, sorry kid that's just how things work.
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  6. Okay, Now who's starting shit? Making a quote like that to simply try get at me. Matt should know first hand I don't think like that about him because I stuck with him and put my faith in him. Your happy place? Okay Child, if it's your happy place don't act so arrogant on it and make others feel like shit. The hypocrisy simply gushes from your mouth. If anything I'm inclined to add to your punishment.
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  7. G H J W T H H W W H

    You should know what that means.
  8. Means its time for you to stop kthx.
  9. Did i ask you?
  10. Did I care who you were asking?
  11. Is this needed in a mute appeal?

    Thread closed.
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