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VizeYT Media Application

Discussion in 'Media Applications' started by IIPYZX, Dec 3, 2017.


    IIPYZX New Member

    Nov 28, 2017
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    Username: VizeYT
    Channel Link:
    Subscriber Count: 290
    Videos on Server: 5

    Let me add a little more information here as to why I should have the rank, first of all, I have a Team of 5 who help to produce, edit, record my video's. We all have fun doing so, and even welcome'ly invite anyone from the server to join us and be on the channel. I started a 1k channel back in 2016, which got hacked and I quit YouTube, after I returned and decided to create a new channel. Despite having to re-do everything, and regain most fans, we are nearly at 300 within a few months.

    My video's, I believe are to be of good standing, well edited, good audio, and my latest video's include a Face-cam in the top right. Some video's do better than others but It's mainly for the fun, not the payments or fame.

    Video media is also not the only thing I have committed, I created the forum banner that SrMod Zach uses on his profile, myself Forum banner and TheNarrator's forum banner, Picture and Video media I use largely on this server, and willing to help anyone who uses this server.

    With that in mind, I know 5 video's is not a lot, but each are over 30mins long, and consist of well edited content that takes hours to create. We script our video's, and they turn out really well, we are going to be making MANY, MANY more on the server, thinking currently going up to episode 50 for the first series, and then more after that.

    People on the server always ask to be in my video's, and enjoy it when I'm online, many people have referred me to come and apply, including 2 staff, Zach and Whatdahpigsay, so I did.

    I hope this wasn't too long for you, much appreciated.
  2. Whatdahpigsay

    Whatdahpigsay Moderator
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    Apr 17, 2017
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    This is a lovely application!! You are one amazing person, and your videos are pretty nice. If I was someone who could accept applications, I definitely would! We also do need some sort of advertising type thing to get our server out to the youtubes or like the internet. But yeah, this is definitely a good application with lots of information!

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