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Unban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by m4blackwolf, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Your username: m4blackwolf
    Duration of ban: Perm
    Who banned you: Console
    What server were you banned from: All
    When were you banned: March 24
    Why were you banned: Charging Back
    Why you should be unbanned: So the charge back was my fault and the reason for it. I allowed my brother to play on my account because I had a Legend rank on gamma and he didn't want to use his member account to play prison because he "Doesn't make enough money to do squat with". So I said sure because as he was playing on my account I benefiting because he was doing the grinding for me. While playing he said there was a sale on and asked if he could buy gamma so "we" could get more perks I said sure assuming he was going to use his paypal but later on that day I got a receipt from paypal saying that $75 was charged to my account so I confronted my brother about the issue and he said "you said it was ok" I then realized my mistake and made the charge back appeal on paypal. It was also my fault that he was able to get access to my paypal because I have my account set up so that when I go to the paypal website it automatically logs me in, that issue has also been fixed. But at the end of the day paypal did not refund my money so there was no harm done. So I believe that since no harm was done I would like to be unbanned.
  2. Just because it wasn't you who did the chargeback, it was still done on your account.
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  3. I did the chargeback because I didn't authorize the purchase of the 2 ranks even though I would have bough them at a later date.
  4. Charging back is not allowed in any way, period. I will tag admins/owners to see what they have to say.... But I doubt you will be getting unbanned. @Vyzon @JustTh4tGuy @TunefulMouse
  5. Thanks I know its not suppose happen but as I didnt get the money back I dont see a reason at this point why I cant use my $200 rank.
  6. As of now, no. Please be patient as admins are currently a bit inactive due to real life situations.
  7. @Blushings So Ive checked my ban appeal and im still banned apparently. Ive gone to the ban page and it says ive been unbanned by an admin but the console keeps banning me so Im still wondering why this has not been fixed by an OP or the owner.
  8. You will have to message an owner privately to fix your problem. There isn't anything I can do for you, but I will contact an admin or owner