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Open Helper apply

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Chorical, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Name: Lars
    In-game name: RuXoYT
    Rank : Legend

    Hey, @Vyzon @NightWorldSky I want to become a helper. I have played on gamma since V1 2014 and have been Nova elite ultra Titan and Legend and now want to become a helper to keep hackers and cheaters gone and help the community. This server has died since 2014 so much and I hope u guys @Vyzon @NightWorldSky can help me and the community bring it back by making new game modes, updates and advertisement to make gamma great again.
    Sincerely Lars
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  2. Apps are down. Sorry.
  3. He means that Helper Applications are down, therefore your thread is not going to be considered an application. The server is not accepting any new staff at the moment.
    It would've been denied either way, considering you didn't follow the correct format of an application.
  4. y u still be here
  5. The question is; Why are you still not banned?
  6. The question is, Why do you Disrespect a player on the forums as a helper? doesn't seem right. I think I'm going to have a nice long talk with your boss.
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  7. It would make a lot of people happier if our roles were replaced;
    If I was the one there and you were the one who was supposed to be leaving.
    You won't get rid of me till you stop being so fucking toxic, how about that? <3
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  8. Looks like you should have already left then.
  9. I'm just attempting to shield that aforementioned part of our argument where i'm supposed to keep the impressionable out of harm's way.
    You have been impersonating both me, and many others with malevolent intentions. You have been told repeatedly not to open useless topics but yet here you are doing the contrary.

    The staff team has had a discussion about you and for the very LAST time do not start arguments you don't know where it'll lead or you'll be banned from the Forums, no exceptions. End of discussion.
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