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GammaMC + Vyzon

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by NightWorldSky, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Hey fellow players,

    I'm sure many of you reading this were taken back when you were redirected to the Vyzon website by going to However, this is not what you may think. GammaMC has not been sold, it is still owned by myself. We will be using @Vyzon's infrastructure and he will be working to bring this server back to it's feet. GammaMC has been around for over three years and will continue to stay alive. Please bare in mind that not everything has been transferred or set up or preference just yet, we are still in the adjusting period. Please be patient while we rebuild this community. Let me address some concerns:

    How do I register on this forum?
    Simply go in-game and type /register <email> <password>
    After doing this, your forum account will be created and will be linked to your MC account.

    What happened to my rank?
    You will still have your rank! All ranks will be transferred within the next few days. We will be changing the names of a couple of ranks, suggestions are welcome.

    Why are you working with Vyzon?
    I myself don't have a ton of free time so @Vyzon approached me and said he could help us, so I took him up on his offer. I have worked with Matt in the past and it has been a pleasant experience, so I have no worries.

    Wait, so is this Vyzon or GammaMC?
    This is GammaMC, please remain patient while we're in the rebranding process.

    What about all of our forum posts and ratings?

    We are currently searching for an old backup of Gamma's website. If we can restore that, then we will be returning to the old format. If not, we will start anew on this forum.
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    I myself agree with gamma coming back. Good for you matt and Cam!
  3. Wait so will staff ranks stay the same??
  4. . I been staff on Vyzon for five years, almost on six. I get repaid by being demoted.

    Either way, I'm happy for Cameron and Matt.
  5. No, Vyzon told me. Most staff will not keep their ranks. As why I am no longer an administrator. (One of the two reasons.)
  6. Oh...
  7. ^^ Nice change
  8. Five, almost six? I was manager during RealPvP which existed 2013, approx Four years ago and your face was not present. Stop putting incorrect information.
  9. I know administrating doesn't require perfect grammar, but you'rs is appalling.
    Secondly. I've been apart of Vyzon for those 6 years. You've not been apart of the staff team that long nor do I feel you're deservant.
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  10. Suh dude been a while still with hill bill Roebuck? Stop bashin on em' he doesn't deserve that either it would suck to get removed from any position.
  11. Cpt, You Don't play anyone... let alone do Your Job. And if you think its a good idea to ban/mute people on square because you don't like them, then maybe its a good idea to just keep the rank you have right now.

    Also, It's, "I have" not just "I" at the beginning of your sentence. Please use proper grammar.
  12. Yes being removed from staff isn't enjoyable. But the server is evolving again and needs staff who're responsible and up for the task. Yes I handled it harshly and rudely and I apologize for that.

    Yes Mr pun I'm still friends with Micheal and I recall your user was "puncake" right? Have a great day!
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  13. Guys, instead of bring a negative vibe to the server, lets be optimistic on how it's rising again!
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  14. Awesome! I have confidence in you guys! :smile: Any estimated time for KitPvP to come back up?
  15. Probably in this week.
  16. Is there an estimated time for Creative to come back?
  17. [​IMG]

    oh hi
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