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Factions Reset

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Vyzon, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    I would like to announce that we have just reset factions, and give everyone a breakdown of the new content!

    | Custom Enchantments
    We have reworked the custom enchantment plugin. You can now tinker enchantments and enchanted items by using the tinkerer at spawn. We have also added the blacksmith, you can combine enchantments by using the blacksmith at spawn.

    | Gen Buckets

    We have implemented a new plugin called gen buckets. Gen buckets are buckets that automatically generate blocks when placed down. You can buy: cobblestone, sand, and obsidian gen buckets from the shop in the raiding category.

    | Player Vaults

    We have reworked the player vaults plugin. You can now change your vault icon and vault name inside the player vault menu.

    | Events

    We have reworked the event plugins. Supply drops will now occur every 4 hours if there is at least 10 players online. King of the hill will occur 9 times a week, 1 time on weekdays and 2 times and weekends.

    | Random Teleport

    We have implemented a new plugin called random teleport. Random teleport allows players to pay in-game money to randomly teleport within a certain radius.

    | Factions
    We have replaced FactionsUUID with FactionsOne. FactionsOne offers many more features and is open sourced and maintained better than FactionsUUID.

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  2. my character meeshwilliams died in lava in factions and now I am stuck. I keep getting logged out and I never die and respawn.
    I have tried EVERYTHING, signed out, logged on/off, gone onto Skyblock...
    please release me!!!