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  1. Doggypaws1242
    hey guys I'm back!!! Trip ended early though ;(
  2. HighIntelligence
    Can’t wait for the wipe
  3. Doggypaws1242
    See you guys on Sunday or Monday going camping :D Bye!!!
  4. Completement
    Completement SgtTackleberry
    Do [chestsell] when u place the sign. Then it should be green text saying [ChestSell]. You may not have access as well. If you dont i got chestsell i can add u to it and place down some signs.
  5. SgtTackleberry
    Does sell chest work? Says right click chest to sell contents but right click just opens chest. Tried placing signs too.
  6. Doggypaws1242
    Super tired... xD
  7. shane
    shane Vyzon
    i am glitched and cant join can u please help
  8. shane
    shane Vyzon
    my minion is not workin can u hlp
  9. shane
    shane Vyzon
    hey i cant talk on lucky sb can u please help
  10. shane
    shane Zach
    hey zach
  11. shane
    shane Zach
    anything yet
  12. shane
    shane Vyzon
    how do i become a helper
  13. DeadShadowFreddy
    DeadShadowFreddy Zach
    Plus this is the only server I used to play on all the time.
  14. DeadShadowFreddy
    DeadShadowFreddy Zach
    Please unban me my user was recently changed but not to try and trick you guys into thinking I am a different person my new user is FNAFPlayer2234 or something like that my old user was DeadShadowFreddy please forgive me give me one more chance I promise I will never use hacks ever again.
  15. DeadShadowFreddy
    DeadShadowFreddy Vyzon
    Hello owner of Luckysb can you please un-ban me I promise It will not happen ever again but I want to test something with real mods not hacks can I test them please
  16. DeadShadowFreddy
  17. DeadShadowFreddy
  18. DeadShadowFreddy
    DeadShadowFreddy Vyzon
    Vyzon I am one of the players that 2 Mods are claiming to be hacking don't trust them please I need this server this is the final server that has real lucky blocks okay
  19. alex
    People need to not beg on the server .... it gets annoying
  20. IIPYZX
    Creating Videos...