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Hello everyone,

So as must of you have seen Vyzon has been inactive lately. Which is upsetting as we put a lot of time and effort into the server and we are still working on the rest of our servers. So for us to counter the inactivity I will be trying my best and encouraging staff to be on every day as well I will be trying and post weekly updates on the forums and promotions / demotions as we go. Sorry for our inactivity and we hope old and new players will join / join back.

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Hello all Vyzon Members!

Today, I will be talking to you guys about a few future plans and what is going on with the staff team. As some have noticed the staff team has gotten bigger it will most likely grow. I will explain everything here.

Information: Well Vyzon is growing again in player count. Which is great but @TunefulMouse, @Wires, and I thought it may be better to start expanding. As @TunefulMouse has sports coming up and won't be as active. I won't be as active either has I have received a job that I will be working after school and on weekends. This job is a great place and a good opportunity. But, I may become busy with School / Exams / Work. So I hired staff that I believe will be a perfect fit and everyone enjoys on Vyzon. The new helpers / helpers overall will be trained by @Wires, @TunefulMouse. and I. Vyzon will be coming out with Factions and Prison soon and that may...
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Welcome and Hello all old Vyzon Members,

So you all may be wondering what is new about Vyzon and what will the staff team be doing. Well I will discuss everything in this thread. Please note I am also still learning the new Vyzon and Features so do not quote me on everything in this thread.

Server Game Modes:
- KitPvP (BETA)
- SkyBlock (BETA)
- Factions (Coming Soon)
- Survival Plots (BETA)
- Prison (Coming Soon)
- Creative (Coming Soon)

So you may ask.. What's new about these game modes? As we play them all the time or in the past on Vyzon.
Well, I will try my best to explain them..

KitPvP - Fully custom, level up to gain money, compete against others, try your luck at the gambling bar, and kits are pretty fair, as well fun to use.

SkyBlock - Fully custom, gui's for mostly everything. No more using /warp, vote / donate to use crates, try your luck at the gambling bar, new islands (Default or Vyzon.)

More Information about other servers will be added when they are up. As well...