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Hello everyone, To start this off, I am a current member of the vyzon staff team, You may remember me by my old username, Kingkilla948. These rules are currently not-official but should be taken into consideration during a possibly punishable situation. These rules will be shared with the rest of the staff team.

Thank you.

1. Threats- Threats will be treated as if they were spoken face to face, whether it be a death threat, a sexual assault threat or a DDoS threat, You will be permanently banned from vyzon, This will include an IP Ban.

2. Harrassment- The same rules for threats apply here, Bullying or sexual harassment have a zero tolerance policy and will be punished with an permanent ban from vyzon, This will include an IP Ban.

3. Hacking/Exploiting- Hacking and/or Exploiting the game will result in a permanent and IP Ban from vyzon. This is because we do not want to ruin another players experience on our server, and that we wish to be known for being a clean and legit...
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Who would like a reset bring back the old Vyzon with the global economy and stuff? Please vote on the poll above.
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Hey guys,

If you haven't noticed I have changed around some things on the website.
If you have any issues with it please report bugs at the bugs and glitches forums: http://vyzon.net/forums/bugs-and-glitches.9/